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Be County-Wise and get to know the Historic Counties!

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Why the Historic Counties are relevent to you

The UK desperately needs a standard, fixed, general-purpose geography, a commonly understood set of names and areas for use in all walks of life (media, business, education, tourism, sport, religion, social and cultural). This geography should be divorced from the ever changing names and areas of local government but, instead, be rooted in history, heritage and commonly held notions of community and identity. The 92 historic counties of the UK have provided this framework for centuries and are the only credible basis for it.

Unlike the constantly changing boundaries of our local authorities, the historic counties remain constant. They are therefore very useful when describing where you are from and in your postal address. (See How you can use the Historic Counties for more information.)

If you are confused about the different types of counties, you may like to visit the counties pages where you will find more information as well as county profiles.