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Be County-Wise and get to know the Historic Counties!

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How you can use the Historic Counties

As the Historic Counties have been used for centuries to describe where a place is located, they are ideal for using in addresses, projects, and when you tell people where you are from.

The Association of British Counties not only provides an argument for you to use the Historic Counties. A selection of useful resources are available to help you use the Historic Counties and find out more about them.

Useful Tools

Further Reading

  • County-Wise articles for Individuals – More ways to use the Historic Counties and why they may be useful for your next project.
  • Historic Counties Blogs – official blogs and microsites of the Association of British Counties. They allow us to further enrich the information available on a range of subjects about and relating to the Historic Counties.
  • ABC Flag Blog – a blog about county flags. Find not only the established flags, but also the latest information on flag proposals as well as commentary.

More about the Association of British Counties

  • Join the ABC – help support our efforts to promote the Historic Counties.
  • ABC County Associations – affiliated groups which support the Association of British Counties and campaign locally.
  • About the ABC – more information about the ABC, what we do, as well as our aims and objectives.