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Be County-Wise and get to know the Historic Counties!

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With most modern maps providing only administrative boundaries – or none at all – it can be difficult to pinpoint a place within one of the Historic Counties.

In response to this vacuum of information, the Association of British Counties provides the Gazetteer of British Place Names and Historic Counties Postal Directory.

More about the Historic Counties

Useful Tools

  • Gazetteer of British Place Names – a searchable index of places, detailing not only the Historic County, but also local government information. Search by name or have a look at our interactive map…
  • Historic Counties Postal Directory – a useful directory which allows you to match a postal town to a historic county.
  • Quadhurst Maps – Quadhurst (not affiliated with the ABC) provides a selection of physical maps for sale. Their fold-out and poster maps have been popular amongst members and provide a useful reference point.