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Be County-Wise and get to know the Historic Counties!

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Education and Research

The link which the historic counties provide between our present and the past adds great value to the life of the nation and therefore deserves to preserved and enhanced. In a more utilitarian sense, the historic counties provide an understanding of  places described historically – a link fractured by current administrative geography. It is therefore essential to understand the geography of this historic counties in order to understand past writings and to use them so that today’s work may be understood in the future.

To help build that future, the schools section of the County-Wise website provides resources that pupils and teachers may use to explore the historic counties.

The link between the past and present also makes the historic counties invaluable to those embarking on a wide range of academic and private research activities. To aid these activities a range of short guides are being developed in conjunction with the upcoming Guide to the Historic Counties for Researchers, Librarians, and Information Professionals.