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Developing and promoting a flag for your county

“A flag brings an area’s diversity together under one banner – literally. It creates the personality of the place. It cements the idea of combined responsibility and gives community members something to feel proud of.”
from ‘Creating Local and Community Flags’,
The Flag Institute 2013

The Association continues to support the establishment of county flags as one of the primary means for celebrating county identity and for their value in raising the profile of the historic counties. To this end, the Flag Officer maintains the ABC Flag Blog, which contains details of proposed and registered county flags.

Developing a county flag – the first steps

  1. The first step is to consult the UK Flag Registry, which is maintained by the Flag Institute. Check to see if a flag is already registered and have a look and compare the registered flags.
  2. The ABC Flag Blog details proposals and ideas, you may wish to build upon these and discuss your ideas in the forums.
  3. Seriously consider whether you would like to design a county flag or organise a competition.