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Welcome to County-Wise

County-Wise exists to assist and enable organisations, the media and public to use the historic counties as a standard geography for the United Kingdom. It provides the tools and advice you need to make use of the historic counties in your personal, social or working life.

Managing an address database? Building a directory of historic buildings? Studying your family history? Want to know why you should use the historic counties and how to do this? County-wise aims to provide the answers.

Looking for more information about the counties themselves? Visit the counties section of County-Wise, where you will find a map, county profiles and more.


Discover the Historic Counties

Promoting the Historic Counties

Solutions for Businesses and Organisations

Future guides:

  • Incorporating the historic counties into web maps and GIS
  • Incorporating the historic counties into on-line directories and listings
  • Fundraising with the historic counties
  • Using the historic counties in guidebooks and publications
  • Making use of the historic counties within the tourism and heritage industries
  • Producing and selling historic county merchandise
  • Marking the historic counties on highways, footpaths and bridleways

Solutions for Education and Research

Future guides:

  • Resources for researchers and academics
  • A guide to the historic counties for family and local historians
  • A guide to the historic counties for archiving and record management

Be properly addressed: include your historic county in your postal address

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Why you need to know the Historic Counties for family history

An introduction: For much of the history of the British Isles, the Historic Counties have been used as a means for denoting where a place can be found in the country. As such, for anyone with a family history project in the … Continue reading

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